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Bukit Lawang Hotel

Following is a list of accommodation (hotels and guesthouses) in Bukit Lawang including room rates, For prices and details call://081360455231/085361759583 and hotel reviews from other travelers.

Sam's Bungalows has 3 rooms. Located right at the top end of Bukit Lawang close to the Orangutan centre. Prices are 80,000Rp, 150,000Rp and 180,000Rp. For prices and details call ://081360455231/085361759583

Jungle Inn has 9 rooms all with different jungle designs ranging from 250,000Rp - 500,000Rp per night. Prices may go up during the high season (June - August) For prices and details call://081360455231/085361759583

Eco-Lodge is one of the best places to stay in Bukit Lawang with 34 rooms with 5 different styles including their brand new Orangutan rooms. From 155,000Rp - 300,000Rp per night. For prices and details call://081360455231/085361759583

Indra Valley Inn and Restaurant has 2 bungalows and 2 standard rooms. Located at the top end of Bukit Lawang. Prices from 50,000Rp. For prices and details call:// 081360455231/085361759583

Garden Inn and Restaurant has 7 rooms and one house with rooms between 35,000Rp - 50,000Rp and the house for 200,000Rp per night. For prices and details call:// 081360455231/085361759583

Rainforest Guesthouse, run by the fabulous Nora Rainforest Guesthouse is located just next to the camping ground and opened in April 2008. Room prices from 40,000 For pictures, prices and details call:// 081360455231/085361759583 

Nora's Homestay also run by the fabulous Nora, is located off the main road running into Bukit Lawang. Prices start from 30,000Rp per night. For prices and details call://081360455231/085361759583

Wisma Leuser Sibayak prices starting from 35,000Rp. For prices and details call://081360455231/085361759583 

Rindu Alam Hotel is located right at the bottom end of Bukit Lawang as you first enter the village. They have 40 standard rooms and 4 family rooms. Room prices start from 250,000Rp. For prices and details call://081360455231/085361759583

Yusman Guest House is located on the other side of the river via the large suspension bridge. Prices start from 25,000Rp. For prices and deatails call://081360455231/085361759583

Bukit Lawang Indah Hotel is right next door to Yusman Guest House. Prices start from 30,000Rp. For prices and details call://081360455231/085361759583

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Tangkahan Tour Package (5 Days Travel)

Day 1: Medan – Tangkahan
After you arrive at Polonia Airport in Medan the capital of North Sumatra, we will pick you up with our travel car and drive you to Tangkahan. It takes about 4 hours driving. Arrive in the Visitor Center of Tangkahan. We should cross the Batang river using traditional raft in order to check in to the Tangkahan Inn, the newest and best hostel in Tangkahan.

Day 2: Tangkahan (Trekking & Camping)
After breakfast at hostel, you will explore the beautifulness of Tangkahan, where you can found many animals like gibbons, slow loris, etc. In trekking track you will passing by Kalong and Kambing Cave, where bat can be easily found there. We will trekking the jungle tour over one night. We will trek and camp in the forest until the next day and we back to the hostel to take time for relax.

Day 3: Tangkahan (Trekking, Swimming & Tubing)
After breakfast at the camp we will trek few more hours before we back to the hostel to take time for relax. The rest of the day can be fill out with swimming and tubing in Buluh or Batang river.

Day 4: Tangkahan (Elephant Bathing and Elephant Trekking)
After breakfast at hostel, we will visit the elephant jungle patrol unit, where you can see the elephant and the keeper (mahout) that regularly doing jungle patrol to protect the national park. It’s about 30 minutes walking from the hostel before we arrive at the location. We will bathing the elephant and after that we will doing elephant trekking for about three hours.

Day 5: Tangkahan – Medan
Breakfast at hostel, and return to Medan. The trip will take about 4 hours drive passing by town of Stabat, on the way you can see palm oil and rubber plantation. Arrive in Medan, free program at your own leisure, until time to leave for airport.

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Tangkahan Tour Package (5 Days Travel Prices

One day elephant trek
60 eu/p
Two days one night elephant trek
120 eu/p
Prices incl:/ transportation,foods,drinks, guide fee.
The group will be 3 person minimum
Included food,drink ,transportation

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